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Extremely impressed with Dr. Duhon! He was very straight forward with my options and didn't make any false promises or "oh don't worry this will fix it". I've been through 20+ procedures, including a disc replacement, so having a doctor have a straight forward conversation with my husband and I was refreshing! We ultimately agreed with his assessment and I had an SI joint fusion on Valentine's day. I've already noticed an improvement this soon after but am keeping my expectations realistic because Dr. Duhon didn't promise he could fix the world, though he might be able to! I highly recommend this office if you want honesty and options, not false hope!

- Stacey E

Dr. Duhon & the staff are amazing!! Prior to seeing Dr. Duhon, I was in excruciating pain which was not only affecting my daily life but keeping me from sleeping. I felt like my body was 80 years old & every movement hurt. Other dr's misdiagnosed my pain as arthritis but thankfully we finally found the reason & cause of the pain=degenerative sacroiliitis. I had both the right & left side of my SI Joint fused in Oct 2014 & Feb 2015. Now 15 months later from the onset, my pain is almost completely gone on both sides! These surgeries were miracle cures for me & I can actually get back to living! Thank you Dr. Duhon and everyone at the office for making my life livable again!!!

- Bridget T

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I was referred to Dr. Duhon by a pain mng't orthopedist after another surgeon did a micro decompression on me that failed. Dr Duhon made a very humanist recommendation that seemed most reasonable and I trusted him readily. He is a down to earth guy who is not overly impressed by himself. I also appreciated his ability to perform this procedure microscopically which meant an easier recovery for me. And I gave him a standing ovation when he discharged me. He is a great guy & a great surgeon.

- harvey in Taos, NM

Amazing Neurosurgeon and has amazing staff! My surgery was a breeze with him and I can’t tell you how highly recommended he is by other medical Professionals! Wouldn’t trust my life to anyone else now ! Thanks

- Janelle Favuzza in Castle Rock

I have already recommended Dr. Duhon as a possible surgeon for several family and friends. He is very professional, described my condition in terms I would understand and offered me options so that I might make the best informed decision in regard to my personal needs.

- Riverton

Dr. Duhon is an excellent surgeon. He performed corrective surgery on my back that another surgeon had screwed up. He is thorough and caring! His explains things very well and he has an excellent bedside manner. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone suffering from back problems!

- Richard Bowman in Pueblo, CO

All I can say is... wow! What an incredible doctor! I have never felt so at ease while talking about my pain that I have struggled with for many, many years! I finally feel like I am on the road to getting my life back! I highly recommend him!!

- Rita in Highlands Ranch, CO


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Posted on January 13th, 2017


I was so thankful for his kind and understanding approach to my situation. I have been through a lot over the past couple of years (including multiple surgeries) and I truly felt like I found the doctor I should have started with from the very beginning. He is truly wonderful and I now have hope that we will be able to figure this out together.

Posted on July 18th, 2016

The best..!

Dr.Duhon has the best of surgical/medical and clinical/patient care qualifications... excellent...!

Posted on May 11th, 2016


Dr. Duhon and the staff were friendly and thorough. The PA was also informative and both she and Dr. Duhon took time to explain the results of my tests and what interventions needed to take place to address my health concerns. I would recommend this physician and office team highly.

Posted on April 7th, 2016

Excellent Doctor Start to Finish

I spent a year getting multiple injections and different doctors and PT and acupuncture and massage and...sheesh. I decided to try one last time with Dr Duhon who was recommended by a friend. Found my problem in 15 minutes after an exam...SI Joints damaged from a car accident. Went for diagnostic injections and his diagnosis was accurate. Had to have both sides fused. Dr Duhon is amazing in the time he takes with you, follow up appointments and answering questions...he's a complete Doctor.

Posted on October 30th, 2015

Phenomenal dr

Wonderful Dr! He takes his time and truly cares about his Patients well being. Repeat patient despite “failure” of treatment. Alas, the fix for my sciatica lasted only six weeks, then the symptoms came back. But I'm returning to Dr. Duhon for further treatment, as he impresses me with his knowledge and conservative approach

Posted on February 27th, 2014


Dr. Duhon is an amazing doctor. He takes the time to listen and is extremely caring. He doesn't jump right in to surgery and would not even talk any more about surgery until I met with other doctors to discuss other options. I think the world of Dr. Duhon and would recommend him to anyone!

Posted on January 16th, 2013

Five Stars

pleasantly surprised. knowledgeable, courteous, down-to-earth, and seemed genuinely interested. highly recommend dr. duhon-

Posted on November 11th, 2012

Excellent Physician

I had a excellent experience with this doctor. I had been having pain for years and finally sought help thinking surgery was my only option. This doctor referred me for pain injections and also to see a CHRIOPRACTOR!!!! first to see if they would help. If you have known many surgeons in your life - this is not very common. It ended up I did have to finally have the surgery and now am almost totally pain free. I like a doctor who did not automatically cut, but sought less invasive methods first and understands how surgery is serious and should be given serious consideration and a fair shot to be treated first.

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Dr. Duhon saved my life when he fused my C-1 and C-2 to stop arthritis which was paralyzing me from head to toe. He was the only Doctor out of 7 that could or would do that surgery. He also fused my L-4, L-5 and S-1 two weeks ago. Great Guy, great Doctor!

- Greg

He literally saved my life with my si joints I will be able to go hiking and excercise and play with my kids! I won’t have to cry myself to sleep at night!! He will be my dr for life now ! And Anna was absolutely amazing . As well as Katie from scheduling
I will be sending you all refereels I possibly can !! I’m So grateful Dr. Duhon.

- Janelle Favuzza

Dr. Duhon and his staff are outstanding. My procedure was clearly explained, recovery was explained very clearly, and rehab. was most helpful in my recovery. I can now look forward to playing golf.

- Dolores Rossi

Dr. Duhon did my SI Joint (hip) fusion and actually diagnosed my Sacroiliitis leading to the fusion. Beyond his knowledge and skill as an Orthopedic& Neurosurgeon he is also an outstanding doctor. From the initial consultation with him and his right hand woman, P.A. Ana, to the surgery itself he was incredibly compassionate and always treated me with respect. Not something I was used to from that field of medicine, given my age (25) and no immediate history of trauma to cause my joint disfunction, I had battled for years against chronic pain and the stigma that I was only in it for pain medicine. Dr. Duhon and Ana never looked at me any different than they would someone who was the typical age for this type of joint disfunction and that is something I will never forget. Choosing Dr. Duhon as your doctor and surgeon will be guaranteed the best choice you can make for the level of care they both provide. I cannot say thank you enough for what they've given back to me, my life.

- Caleb Ackerman

Dr. Duhon and his staff treat us like people not numbers. Very kind and he takes the time to listen to his patients.

- Minky Boodle

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